Please understand the following before creating a new ticket:

  • Do NOT create a NEW ticket each time you reach out to us unless the previous ticket is CLOSED
  • DO NOT contact us to ask what we think about a certain coin
  • DO NOT ask to be on any type of list for the Trade Call Service, this will be announced on jsnip4’s youtube channel when it is ready. Before January 2018
  • DO NOT contact us to send a NON Support related message to jsnip4 or “Crypto Boss” (We can barely keep up with the normal tickets as it is)

If these videos show “Sorry but because of the privacy settings this video can’t be viewed here” you need to allow cookies in your browser. Turn off privacy mode and also any ad blockers. If that does not work, try using Chrome or Firefox Browsers.

If you double paid (such as you purchased 2 of the same thing) and both ended up being successful, then in this case we can issue a manual refund from our own wallet. Create a support ticket with us.

REFUND POLICY:  (You agreed BEFORE completing the order and checking the box.)

Any other support related to this website, please create a Support Ticket HERE (Takes you to our new dedicated Support Site. You might need to create an account there if you are a new customer as of 1/16/2018)