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THE WHITEDOVE REPORT 4:  Special Edition “2020 & Beyond–The Mega Download” Get it here Friday Jan 24th  88 pages

The “Cryptos” Report:  Early in 2018 Michelle predicted the majority of the good coins (BTC, LTC, VeChain, Digibyte, Theta, Eth and more) “would not see their high prices until sometime between 2019 to 2022.”  Michelle was the only one to publish this and it was in The Whitedove Report in early 2018.  Then, last year, early in the year, she predicted The Overall Theme For 2019 Would Be “Denial The Bottom Is In Phase.”  Nice call on that as many doubted that all year and some still do, but it looks like you were spot once again as 2019 ended the year 2 TIMES HIGHER than it started.

So it really feels like spirit gives you the broad brush strokes of what the year to come will look like.  Keeping that in mind, since it’s the beginning of 2020, Michelle is looking to see how the crypto market is shaping up for the year!



The Theme for 2020 Will Be “__________________________________.”
Whitedove said, “I feel fiery. I feel like I’m in the right spots of the zone. Let’s go.  I want to share this, Spirit keeps repeating so I get it right for you, we have a lot of topics to cover.

Whitedove gives a glimpse into what 2020 will look like in the rear view mirror with Crypto Predictions and Global Predictions for 2020 and beyond!

IMPORTANT there’s 9 Mini Reports within this 2020 Special Edition and so much more:

  • Whitedove Looked At about 300 Different “Cryptos” and Rated Them
  • Whitedove’s Top Bets 17 Coins Rated As Top Picks with 5 Contenders Plus, 11 more that I’d be Very Happy To Hold.  And, over 30 Wild Cards With “A Great Chance Of Being Winners.”    So of the 300 or so I’ve looked at psychically, there are 60 others that Spirit also sees favorably. 


  • The Staking, Baking, and “Parking Your Tokens” Report: Includes “the rating and the how to, where to, and safety notes”,  Projects/Coins looked at for this Special Report:  Algorand Coin, BAT, Cardano, Cosmos, Dash, Neo, Pundi X, QTUM, Reddcoin, Tezos, VeChain, Other Parking Places For Staking If No Wallet Or Personal Means and if they are safe:  Binance, BitMEX, Coinbase, Compound Finance, Crypto.com, Kraken, Gemini, OKEx, Linkpool, Livepeer, Shift


  • The “Wallet” and “Exchange” Special Report: Wallets/Storage, A Color-Code Guide:  Red is “Stop”, Yellow is “Caution”, Green is “Go” and Purple is MY GO TO.  Wallets, Exchanges and Others Reviewed: Abra Wallet/Exchange app, Atomic Wallet, Bitfi Wallet, COBO Wallet, Coinomi Wallet, Edge Wallet, Ellipal Wallet, Hodlit Project, Huobi Phone Wallet and Huobi Exchange, Ledger Products:  Nano, Nano S etc, My Ether Wallet (MEW), Paper Wallets, Pillar Wallet, Trezor Hardware, Exchanges Or Other: Binance Exhange, Caleb & Brown/Crypto Brokers, CoinBase Exchange, Crypto Chain Immunity Trust–not a coin), Crypto.com The Exchange, Exodus Wallet (Store, Exchange/Swap), EXW Wallet, Gemini Exchange, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (Nasdaq–GBTC), Gemini Exhange, Hodlit Project, Kraken Exchange, Nash Exchange, Ocean Exchange, OKEx (Exhange), Poloniex Exchange, Ternio’s Block Card


  • SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Whitedove covers many insightful topics:                           The Mound Builders, What does spirit say about Jesus, Allah, Buddha, the Pope, and Catholicism… what about baptism? Do Angels have wings? Will there be peace on earth? Is a Golden Dawn era ever coming?  Is a Physical Death Avoidable?                  Can we ever come together and shift into love and healing the planet?  When exactly is the soul introduced into the body? Is it at birth, is it at conception?  Government Cloning…. And more


  • The StarBeings, Elementals, and Pleiades Special Report:  YES There Are!               There are many races of StarBeings and we also have the Elementals and of course the Pleiades.   I have not shared this before…Spirit says it is time, buckle up… Here are the races and what they look like and how enlightened they are. Also includes the governments new termunidentified aerial phenomena“,  the most beautiful race of Starbeings, the really scary ones, Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Swamp Ape or Abominable Snowman, Really?  Which races are trying to help humanity? Are ”Star Being” races walking among us?


  • GLOBAL PREDICTIONS:  2020 and Beyond (Non Crypto info)                                 The Grand Overview:  All I can say is buckle up for what’s coming. It’s a cleansing and a purging time, According to Chinese New Year, 2020, it’s The Year of the Rat – good economy… but here’s what spirit shares.., The Theme I Get From Spirit For 2020,  GET PREPPED for what is to come! This is how to bypass fear, Time for Downsizing or “Rightsizing” or…., VOTING – people are finally waking up and…, The Gun Grab & the Constitution what’s next? The USA was created as One Nation Under God,  but as you read above, there’s more to the story…, About the Impeachment of Trump – how it will turn out, About the 2020 Presidential Election,  it’s virtually impossible to have a real presidential election when…, Civil War In The United States?  Nancy Pelosi, On The Way Out Or Not?  And What’s Behind Those Eyes. General Flynn Free?   Roger Stone Free?  The Trump Family’s future Ivanka, Donald Junior, Eric, Barron? Will his wife divorce him after his presidency?, Space Force and which Country Is Really The Global Leader, Shocking!, The “Shadow Government” Losing Control Or…, Are there really Secret Tribunals Happening in Guantánamo Bay Cuba To Punish Politicians and US Traitors? The “Reset” Is Not What People Think, Jeffrey Epstein & Systems failing, Joe Biden & Son, Pedophilia rings in the upper echelons of government and society? Will child traffic and abuse criminals be held accountable?  Satanic Rituals are Children Being “Sacrificed?”, Will more high-profile people go to jail over pedophilia and human trafficking or is it all being covered up by the government?   So how do we heal our country and world?  Hillary In 2020?  Will the Clintons ever be indicted for any wrongdoing?  Whistleblowers, The War Between “Light” and “Dark” That Is Raging now, Will We See People With Superpowers in the future? The Best Career Fields In The Future:  It’s not just what people are anticipating.  Project Soul Catcher–What is it and is it real? Ancient Treasure in the Grand Canyon, And much more…
  • WORLD LEADERS Amazing Psychic Insights, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of China  Xi Jinping, The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, President of France Macron, President of India Ram Nath Kovind, President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of the United States, Donald Trump, Prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Prime minister of Israel Benjamin
  • AROUND THE GLOBE PREDICTIONS What countries will be peaceful in 2020? Where are some safe places to live in the USA? Will America be Attacked in 2020?  Psychic insights on: What about Antarctica, Australia, California, Canada, Europe, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East, What will happen between China and the U.S.?  Will China lose its grip on Hong Kong this year Or Tibet?  China’s Ghost Cities are Not What People Think… , Great Britain’s  Brexit The Final Outcome, North Korea.  The little Hitler in North Korea, he’ll take it out on…who?
  • THE CRYPTO REPORT– Bitcoin Wars, Cryptos As “THE” Primary Means Of Exchange?  Back to The BAKKT Quagmire, Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2020? Bitcoin Black In Space?  Selling high and buying low to make money in the meantime?   Please read this carefully… , The Cryptocurrency Act of 2020, New Tax Rule the new 1040 has a box that you have to check if you have cryptos,  Spirit shared something important about this box. Gov’t and Banks and Cryptos, Cryptos Intermingled With Precious Metals?  Digibyte as a Stable Coin And Or Used By Government(s)?, A WARNING ON _____ Coin,   Will The Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up, in 2020? , Will my “Crypto Profits” Be Eaten Up By Inflation? Cryptocurrency Awareness And More Speedy Adoption?  New Reddcoin Wallet, Should I Download It And Use It?   Current Coin, A Random “Coin Review”, Winner or Dud?, Got Theta – Theta new Info,  Ripple/XRP More Than $10? What Gives? if the side of light wants the cryptos to help “the people”, then why haven’t they taken off yet? Privacy coins, In High Demand By The Masses At Some Point?  Which are the best ones?


  • The Color-Coded Guide CRYPTO Report with hundreds of cryptos reviewed, Close to 300 different cryptos and Crypto projects all rated.


  • The Weather and Natural Catastrophic Events Report naming certain places that have been hit and will continue to take hits, The US Coastlines, Climate Change, Man-made Or Cyclical?  Super Storm Predictions, California Earthquakes, Oregon, Japan, Ocean clean-up efforts, Mega Fires!!!  Earth Changes That Have Never Been Seen Before,   “God of Chaos” Asteroid, Yellowstone waking? The Grans Solar Minimum, Flat Earth Theory, Mother Nature and food production.


  • The Precious Metals Report for 2020 & Beyond an Overview and What’s To Come, Will the manipulation of the silver and gold markets/prices stop in 2020? Or ever?  Is there really Gold in Fort Knox? Will there be inventions that need a lot of silver within the next few years?   And there’s more!


  • Here’s to your Health –Big Pharma/Shadow Gov’t  Already Have The Cure For…, Secret Projects of The Shadow Government, There Are Many, And Cloning? Conception, Birth, Death and What About Cryogenics? Some are losing their faith in some of the western medicine protocols…, 5G vs 4G and your health, The controversy about vaccinations today, AntiVaxer, New York Laws for mandatory vaccinations, Mental illness touches many families. Why do people who were perfectly fine as children or  young adults become mentally ill?  There are so many answers to this….


  •  THE MARKET REPORT Banks, Bonds, Markets, Real Estate, Interest Rates, our Economic FUTURE.   Mortgage Rates:  Up, Down or Sideways? The Bond Market, the Stock Market, Real Estate when to buy, will US student loans be forgiven? Russia, China and others “dependent” on the U.S. dollar and SWIFT system,  will there be an economic  market crash?  Will social security end?  Will the U.S. dollar collapse in 2020?  Can we expect the Fed to be shut down this year or soon?  Inflation, Deflation Or Stagflation?

This Whitedove Report is a MEGA Report with 88 pages


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