Updates Only – Whitedoves Annual Report 2019


Color Coded Updates For Over 250 Cryptos/Projects



Some of our friends who already had the Huge Annual Report and have been updating it on there own have requested a cheaper report with just the new updates.

Fair enough.  For 19.99 you can pick up the updates to The Annual Report which include all of the Color Coded predictions for over 250 cryptos/projects AND “The One Page Play List” with Whitedove’s top 63 cryptos.  It’s 20 pages.

Most people wanted the completely overhauled 200 page version available here on Patreon for 49.99, but some just wanted the updated color-coded coins and “play list”.  We understand.  Whitedove went through everyone of these to make sure it was current.  These new products represent her most up-to-date readings.


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